Salad Bar
Fresh and variety are the keys to a GREAT salad bar!!
PREP TIME: 15 min.
2 heads of lettuce- Use a variety ie. iceberg, romaine, etc; cleaned, crisped and chopped
3 large carrots- peeled and sliced
2 cucumbers- sliced
2 zucchinis- sliced
1 container grape tomatoes
1 can black olives
1 10z bag frozen peas- cooked, cooled and refrigerated
2 cans small ears of corn
1 can garbanzo beans
8 oz. bean sprouts
1 avocado - thinly sliced, spritz with lemon juice
2 c grated cheese
1/2 c sunflower seeds
1 bag bacon bits
2-3 of your favorite salad dressings
  1. Combine lettuce types in a large salad bowl and place at the front of your salad bar. Include tongs for serving
  2. Place all other ingredients (except salad dressings) in separate bowls with serving utensils. If the salad bar will sit out for a while, you may want to place items on ice to keep fresh.
  3. Dressings can be served from the bottle or in bowls with ladles.
  4. These ingredients are just ideas that can definitely be added to...Use your imagination!!