Steak Sandwich with Truffle Butter
CATEGORY: Sandwich- Hot
This is the best steak sandwich we’ve ever had.  Once you’ve tasted the difference adding truffle butter, parmesan and arugula make; you’ll never serve a “naked” steak sandwich again!
PREP TIME: 15 minutes
1 30” French baguette
1 lb grilled tenderloin- thinly sliced
4 oz white truffle butter
2 oz shaved parmesan cheese
3 cups baby arugula

Slice baguette in half lengthwise.  Spread truffle butter on both halves.  Layer steak, parmesan cheese shavings and arugula on one half of baguette and top with remaining half.  Cut into 3” sections. Secure each section with a party pick.

Truffle butter can be purchased at: http://www.dartagnan.com/item.asp?item=PMTBW008