Product Review

Trader Joe's Prune and Walnut Log


We've got to hand it to TJs.... The fact that they give customers a taste of a different product each day is totally genius!!  We probably wouldn't have purchased these yummy prune and walnut slices if we hadn't taste tested them while shopping the other day.  But, we're so glad we did!  These are perfect to keep on hand and serve with slices of aged white Cheddar.  Easy and quite delicious!!  Here are our findings....

  • Appearance:  OK, maybe not the prettiest of all appetizers.  Score- B
  • Flavor:  Just right! Not too sweet.  Perfect with a slice of cheese. Delicious!  Score- A
  • Texture:  Chewy and satisfying.  Score- A
  • Cost:  At $3.99 for a package of 12 slices, these aren't exactly a budget appetizer,  But they're so tasty, we can overlook the price- C

Our overall score is a "B".... We'll purchase these again!