Product Review


Trader Joe’s Arancini Bites

We tried Arancini Bites, from Trader Joe's freezer section, last week.  They had been recommended by a friend that had taste tested them while shopping at TJs, a while back.  Based on her positive remarks we were looking forward to sampling them.  Unfortunately, we were disappointed.  In all fairness, the box suggests serving them with marinara sauce.  Sadly, that suggestion was in fine print, that we totally missed.  But honestly, we can’t imagine that the sauce would have been all that helpful.  They were fairly dry and somewhat flavorless.   The cheese (that was supposedly tucked inside the rice balls) seemed almost non-existent.  Also, the box shows them as tempting, glistening, golden balls.  Our experience, following the package directions, was very different.  Ours came out of the oven medium to dark brown (far darker than the photo on the box suggests) and not glistening at all, in fact the surfaces had a matt appearance.  Unlike most of the TJ appetizers we’ve tried, everyone had one piece and the remainder sat on the plate, to be finally thrown out.  As you know… We LOVE Trader Joe’s and the majority of its products.  This is one of the rare occasions that we’ve been disappointed.  Here are our findings:

  • Flavor- Bland and somewhat flavorless- Score “C minus”
  • Appearance- Not as shown on the box.  Not very appealing- Score “C minus”
  • Preparation- Easy.  Freezer to oven- Score “B”
  • Texture- A bit dry- no particular texture- Score “C minus”
  • Cost- Any price would have been too expensive- Score “C”

Overall score “C”.  We won’t purchase these again.  Sorry Trader Joes!