Archer Farms Portobello Mushroom Purses
These little phyllo purses look just like homemade.  If you don't tell your guests that you picked them up from the freezer section at Target, they'd never know.  They were absolutely delicious, with the just right amount of crunch and a buttery, rich mushroom filling.  At $4.99 for a box of ten, they weren't exactly inexpensive, but we would have spent more on the ingredients, if we prepared them ourselves.  The only slight criticism we have is that they didn't all have flat bottoms, so some didn't "sit up" in proper purse fashion.  We'll make these again, next time we'll adjust them midway through the cooking time to see if we can improve their "posture".
Our findings......
  • Flavor- Delicious!   Score: A+
  • Appearance- Look homemade, but "posture" could be improved.  Score: B
  • Preparation- Freezer to oven  EASY  Score: A+
  • Texture- Great crunch, silky filling  Score: A+
  • Cost- $3.99 for 10   Score: A

Overall score: A ....  We'll definitely fix these again!!