Maitre Pierre (Trader Joe's) Tarte D' Alsace
Trader Joe's Tart D' Alsace is based on a 100-year-old recipe from the Alsace-Lorraine region of France.   This savory tart defies categorization...It's not quite a pizza but much more than a flatbread!   We were in need of a quickie appetizer and decided to give it a try.  Oh, are we glad we did!!  The crust is flaky, it's got loads of ham, the onions really are carmalized and it's topped with our favorite cheese...Gruyere!
   Our findings....
  • Flavor- Just the right combination of flavors!!  Score A++
  • Appearance- just like the package Score: A+
  • Preparation- From the freezer to the oven and on the table in 10 minutes  Score: A+
  • Texture- Crisp flaky crust with a creamy topping. Score:  A+
  • Cost- $3.49 / serves 4  Score: A
Overall score A+.... a must have in the freezer