Archer Farms Crab Cakes 

We always keep a stock of appetizers in the freezer for last minute entertaining.  We try to have a variety on hand, and are always keeping our eyes open for new and different options. Recently we reviewed an Archer Farm’s product (Portobello Mushroom Purses) that we purchased at Target and were very impressed.  Last week we decided to try another Archer Farm’s product, the Crab Cakes.  Unfortunately, these weren’t nearly as good as the Mushroom Purses.  In fact, we didn’t care for them.  

Appearance is important and these weren’t shaped like crab cakes, more like crab balls.  Also, they had a faint fishy taste (never a good thing!!). Each of us took a small bite and the rest of the box went into the compost container.  We were disappointed, because we had absolutely LOVED the purses.  Sorry Archer Farms, we wanted to like these! We’ll try another one of your products soon and hope for a better review!!

Our Findings:


  • Flavor- Had a fishy taste!  Score D
  • Appearance- Not flat and “crab cakelike”.  Score C
  • Preparation- Freezer to oven...Easy!  Score B+
  • Texture- OK, but the texture was lost in the fishy taste.  Score C
  • Cost- $6.99 for 10 pieces… Way too expensive!  Score D


Overall score:  C-.  We won’t purchase these again!!