Archer Farms Crab Rangoon 
We’re always on the look-out for appetizers we can keep in the freezer for last minute entertaining.  Recently we tried Archer Farm's Crab Rangoon from Target.  We’d tried two other Archer Farm's products in the past; one we loved, one we didn’t care for.  Well…. Good news Archer Farms- the Crab Rangoon was GREAT!!  Crab and cream cheese are wrapped in crispy won ton wrappers.

They looked impressive- no one will know they’re not homemade!!  And, they’re delicious!!!  At $6.99 for 12 they’re a bit on the expensive side, but crab and cream cheese are expensive ingredients, so we think they’re a good value!
Here are our findings:
  • Flavor- Cream cheese and crab- what’s not to like? Score: A

  • Appearance- They look hand crafted and very tempting.  Score: A

  • Preparation- Freezer to oven- EASY!  Score: A

  • Texture-  Crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.  Score: A

  • Cost- At $6.99 for 12, they’re a little expensive, but we think they’re a good value.  Score: B+ 

Overall we’re giving Archer Farm's Crab Rangoon an “A”!  We’ll be proud to serve these to our guests!!