Although they’re not a brand new product, we hadn’t tried the Chicken Stix from Trader Joe’s until yesterday. Wow, were they good!! The two flavors available at our local TJ's are Lemongrass and Coconut Curry. They come ten to a box (for an unbelievable $2.99!!). We served them with Trader Joes “Sweet Chili Sauce”- at a whopping $1.29 per bottle. We baked them slightly longer than the package instructed, as we wanted them to be golden and slightly crispy (keep a close eye on them, so they don’t get too brown). We’d recommend that you turn them a couple of times during the cooking process, to get more uniform browning. They’re approximately 5 inches long, so once they were baked, we used kitchen shears to cut each one in half (giving us 20 appetizers per box). As guests arrived we served these hot with the sweet chili sauce and they literally flew off the plate. You can’t beat these for flavor (FABULOUS!!), price (unbelievable!) and ease of preparation (just bake in the oven- can’t get any easier!). These great appetizers get an A+ from the Party Saviors!