Trader Joe's Apple Tarte Tatin 
Just two hours notice and we needed a dessert for a baby shower!  In a panic, we hit our favorite “go to” retailer, Trader Joe’s- and sure enough we found this yummy Apple Tarte Tatin (upside down apple pie) in the freezer section.  We topped it with a generous dollop of whipped cream (you could also use your favorite vanilla ice cream or why not both?) and Voila…. Fabulous!!   Keep one on hand for a last minute and delish dessert!
Our findings......
  • Flavor- Sweet apple with a "just right" crust (best served warm), could use a bit more spice  Score: B+
  • Appearance- Just like the box (looks like it is homemade!!)  Score: A
  • Preparation- Freezer to oven  EASY  Score: A+
  • Texture-  The apples are tender, not mushy and compliment the crust well Score: B+
  • Cost- $4.99 serves 6 Excellent  Score: A+
Overall score: A ....  We'll definitely fix again!!