Pillsbury Spinach and Cheese Savorings              
We've been intrigued by all the advertising Pillsbury has been doing for their (somewhat) new appetizer products, Savorings.  Last week we picked up a box of twelve at our local QFC for $3.99.  We cooked them according to package directions, which read "400 degrees for 17 to 19 minutes until golden".  At 19 minutes our Savorings weren't golden, so we extended the baking time.  Checking every two minutes, we baked them another ten minutes.  At that point they were getting fairly brown on the bottom, but barely golden on top.  We didn't want to burn the bottoms, so took them out of the oven.
Our findings......
  • Flavor- very tasty! Score: A
  • Appearance- attractive, although a bit "Pillsbury" (opposed to homemade) looking. Score: B
  • Ease- Freezer to baking sheet.  Very Easy! Score: A
  • Texture- The pastry closest to the filling was a little "doughy" (despite the extra ten minutes cooking time).  This didn't affect the taste- but when we took a bite and looked inside the Savoring,  it appeared a bit undercooked. Score: C+
Overall score: B+....  We'll fix them again!!