How to Prepare Healthy Party Foods

We've all read it- Americans are over weight... Over the holidays we put on excess pounds... Diseases like diabetes have increased... It just goes on!!
Party food doesn't have to be unhealthy.  And healthy food doesn't have to mean blah tasting food either.  We've compiled some tasty tips that will help keep your figure trim and still satisfy your guest's picky taste buds.
  • Use fresh herbs in your recipes.  Not only do they add flavor, but they also add...
    • Antioxidants
    • LDL reducers
    • AND, when you use more herbs you can just about forget having to add a lot of salt
  • Use healthy olive, canola or safflower oil in place of butter in your recipes.
  • Choose cooking methods that don't require additional cooking oil, like steaming and roasting (roasted veggies like carrots, broccoli and asparagus are delicious!!).
  • If you have one of those high calorie "to die for" recipes that you really want to serve; consider serving small portions.  Then increase portions of lower calorie dishes.
  • Think brown versus white when planning your menu; whole grain instead of white flour, brown rice instead of white rice.
  • Include vegetables and/or fruit in your menu.
  • Non-fat or low fat dairy products have improved dramatically, and in most recipes you'll find no difference in taste, texture or appearance when using these products.
  • Specialty salts (Koshar Salt, Sea Salt, Grey Salt, Fleur de Sel, etc.) have a slightly different flavor than iodized table salt and are a more natural alternative.  Try them!
  • Stay away from sugary drinks like soda.  Replace with water or juice. Cranberry and pomegranate juice are high in antioxidants...A much better choice than soda.
  • Even your choice of alcoholic drinks can make a difference.  Consider wine over hard alcohol, and light beer versus regular beer.  If you do serve hard alcohol than consider mixers that are not high in sugar content.
Try these tips and feel good about serving your guests healthier choices.