How to Build an Ice Cream Sundae Bar 
The key to a successful ice cream sundae bar is variety.  Sure, you'll need bowls, spoons and ice cream scoops... But the magic is in the variety of toppings!  You'll only be limited by your imagination.  Here's a list to get you started.
- Ice Cream- Offer a least 3 flavors.  Include a good quality vanilla and chocolate!
- Toppings- We like Fran's!
   Dark chocolate
- Fruit   
- Candy chunksChop up some....
   English toffee
   Peanut butter cups
   Chocolate covered nuts
   Chocolate covered pretzels
   Chocolate covered peppermint patties
   Shaved white chocolate
   Peanut brittle
   Chocolate covered coffee beans
   Toffee covered peanuts 
- Cookies- Broken into chunks
   Ginger snaps
   Mint sandwich cookies
- Nuts
   Macadamia nuts
- Other goodies, such as...
   Brownie chunks
   Cheesecake cubes
   Chocolate chip cookie dough
   Whipped Cream
- Selection of Liqueurs
   Creme de Cocoa
   Grand Marnier