Scrapbooking Party



So many scrapbooking opportunities at this time of year- the first day of school,

Fall Harvest, Halloween, football games, Homecoming, the holidays and

a zillion more... They're all perfect reasons for hosting a scrapbooking party. 

Scrapbooking may take time, but when you spend it with girlfriends;

chatting, laughing and creating it's really fun!!!

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Chances are, if you're hosting a scrapbooking party, you're probably very creative.  So, making your own invitations is certainly an option.  On the other hand, we found some simple, yet expressive invitations from zazzle, guaranteed to save you time and let you concentrate on your scrapbooking party.

Tell everyone to gather up their photos, announcements, ticket stubs, ribbons, mementos, and baubles then come on over for a day of scrapbooking!

Set The Scene

For this party, it's all about creating the perfect work space.

  • You'll need a large activity table.  Your dining room table may be the perfect place.  We suggest protecting it from scratches, glue and ink with a Purple Vinyl Tablecloth
  • Make sure you have very good lighting.  If not, grab a floor lamp or two from other rooms in your house.
  • As the host, be sure to provide some basic scrapbooking supplies.  Place this Craftician Tote Bag, filled with supplies, in the center of your work table.
  • As scraping book parties can be several hours long, our party includes serving lunch.  Be sure to plan a seperate area for the food, far enough away, that no crumbs or liquids will find their way onto the activity table.


This party's main activity, of course, is scrapbooking.   However, we suggest having a few activities to keep the party lively and provide some laughs while everyone's working.  Here are two games that will allow your guests to keep scrapbooking and compete for prizes at the same time.

  • Pass the Hat - Each time a person finishes a page (complete with title, journaling and photo), a hat is passed to them and they wear it until the hat is passed to the next person who has finished a page.  Preselect times through out the party and set a timer; when the timer sounds, the person wearing the hat wins a prize. 
  • Page Swap Sketch Challenge - Ask your guests to bring a set of photos and a sketch of an envisioned scrap book page (where the photos will be displayed) to the crop*. Each person draws the name of someone else at the party, whose page she’ll complete according to the provided sketch. In the end, everyone will have a layout created by someone else but based on a sketch that they have provided for their own photos. This is a great way to do a page swap; giving each person a little guidance while allowing them to use their own creativity in creating another person’s page.  Now have the guests vote for the page they like best and award a prize to the person who created the page that received the most votes. 

* Crop is a term that serious scrap bookers use for their work parties. 


Party Prizes

Party Favors




Get the creative juices and memories flowing for this party with The Ultimate Bee Gees.  

We suggest setting up an ipod with preloaded music.   Select the shuffle option and let the music play.  Don't have an iPod and speakers?  Browse Amazon.com for easy shopping.