Beer Garden Party

Oktoberfest begins September 18th and runs through October 3rd this year.  Considered the largest folk festival in the world, Munich boasts 6 million people in attendance over the 14 days of festivities.  Beer is often most associated with Oktoberfest... but those who participate will tell you that the food, activities and music are what bring them back year after year.   If Munich is a bit too far to travel, read on as we tell you how to create your own Oktoberfest Beer Garden Party.


Take your pick or mix and match.  Either way these invites are fun, colorful and clearly set the stage for your Oktoberfest Beer Garden Party. 

Oktoberfest Invitation

Set the Scene

The beer garden tents at Munich's Oktoberfest are enormous. On the small side they seat 1,000 and the larger tents can seat as many as 10,000.  We've scaled this down just a bit, considering that you probably won't be hosting that many people.

Oktoberfest, Munich, Germany


  • The Chicken Dance
  • Keg rolling contest
  • So you think you can polka?  It's a dance off.  Select three people to be judges.  When the polka music starts everyone dances.  The judges observe and decide which couples get to keep dancing and which ones leave the dance floor, until there is only one couple remaining...The winning couple that is.
  • Yodeling contest- You might be surprised by just how many of your guests can yodel.  With a show of hands or clapping let your guests decide who is the best yodeler and who needs the most practice.  There's a prize for both.

Chicken Hat


Party Favors



Party Prizes



  • Okay... it's not a German beer, but If you're a Heineken fan it doesn't get any better than this.  Krups and Heinekan have teamed together and now you can own your very own Krups BeerTender Home Beer-Tap System with Heineken DraughtKeg Technology.
  • Serve popular German beers:
    • Becks, a best selling German beer.  But, make it Beck's Oktoberfest for this party.
    • Or, try any of these brews: Löwenbräu, Erdinger, Franziskaner, Paulaner, Edelweiss, Hacker-Pschorr, Warsteiner, Spaten.
    Not into German beers?   Stock your party with whatever (favorite) beers you and your guests will enjoy.
  • For those who like the beer flavor, but not the alcohol; there are a few good non-alcoholic beers on the shelves these days.  Here's a review on Clausthaler and Bitburger Drive.