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Garage Sale....Make it a Party!!

Having a 'Garage/Yard Sale' is all about MARKETING!!  Yes....You need to stand out among the competition and draw the crowds.  We say NEON...Yesss, use it on your signs, price tags, and marketing flyers!  Be sure and advertise on Craig's List...update your ad daily, leading up to the sale!  Post your sale signs at the local gorcery store and library...Essentially any bulletin board throughout your community.  Make it eye catching...We recently had a "Big Family Garage Sale" that we abbreviated as "BFGS" on our signs...Many of our customers just HAD TO COMMENT!  They knew they were in for a good time.  Be sure you make it fun...Greet the customer, barter and sell your products.


Invite 4 to 6 couples to participate in the 'Garage Sale' and PARTY!!  Customize these invites that say it all. Be sure to include the ground rules; bring stuff to sell that's priced and color coded.  What doesn't sell they take home or donate to a local charity!!  Everyone is in for a DAY and NIGHT of the PARTY (...of course)!!




  • Signs...Got to have SIGNAGE for a successful 'Garage Sale'!  The placement is key in directing the potential customer.  Signs and arrows from major intersections (all in the same color) will get the buyers there.  Make your own signs with poster board and fat black markers!
  • Price Tags- Love these custom labels.  Each participant is assigned their own color!
  • Balloons- A great way to say 'the SALE is here' and...Make them neon!!
  • Identify the sellers with these neon hats that coordinate with the color of their price tags.  When a buyer has a question or wants to dicker, they'll know who to talk to.
  • Cashier- Set up a separate table, clearly marked.  Important that somone is always at the cash box, this person will also keep a record of the sales.


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The Garage Sale- Keys to a successful garage sale: 1) Signage: eye catching, readable and consistent 2) Everything priced 3) Electrical outlet available to test electronics 4) Plug in lamps to light up the sale 5) Play music to set the atmosphere 6) Pets kept in the house 7) Play area for kids, so mom and dad can shop 8) The right 'advertising' words-  a yard sale, garage sale, sidewalk sale...whatever, make it clear! 9) Greet each shopper "Hi how are you and come on in!" 10) Be open to negotiations!

Contest -

     Most Sales

     Top dollar item sold

     Most unbelievable item sold (need to vote on this one)

     Oldest item


Lowest sales --- Award all the small change

The guest who sold the most unbelievable item is awarded the "Hardest Sell Item" (the one that didn't sell).


A DVD of the day - Make a time lapse DVD of the day from Sunrise to Sunset...For all to enjoy!!  Everyone will be amazed at how much stuff is GONE!  (Be sure you get all participants on camera!!)

Neon Hats - A take home as a reminder of a fun day!
Garage Sale Party Prize Yard  Sale Puzzle.jpg

THE MENU>>> (Ask the participants to bring**)  


 Baked Donuts
 Apple Pie Breakfast Cake

 Panini Bar - (before you sell that panini grill in the garage sale)
 Veggies and Dip **

Celebration Dinner:
 Moroccan Grilled Salmon
 Tossed Salad **
 Crusty French Bread **
 Peach Shortcake


 Cucumber Lime Pops w/ Gin- Keeps the day entertaining
 Beer & Wine **  



Peach Shortcake