Beachy Pool Party....Make it an Annual Event!
Oh YES…. summer is here, the kids are out of school and everyone is ready to pahr-tee! How about a cool pool party? No pool?  No problem! Create the scene with a portable pool, slip and slide or even the garden hose and sprinkler will make a splash!
  • If you are handing out invitations; go 3-D and purchase small bottles.
**Be sure to include what to wear and bring.... Swimsuits/ towels, etc.
Set the Scene

Let guests know where the party is: Position a sand chair, beach umbrella, towel draped over the chair and your sign curbside.

Lead the way to the pool with a path of "beach sand".

Out back the fun begins! A beach scene is not complete without palm trees (spray with a covering of clear coat acrylic and extend the life of the trees for years to come).

Onto the TIKI BAR....

Grass skirts create a great table decoration. These skirts cut easily to fit and can be secured with double stick tape.  Table top tiki candleholders and tropical fish confetti make a perfect tablescape!   

Hang fish netting off the fence or string between trees with starfish.
A "SHARK ATTACK" is eminent at the TIKI BAR... warn your guests!
  • Flip Flop Find Great party starter!     
  • Limbo – Get everyone involved! 
  • Water balloon toss – Pick your partner!  Start 3’ apart.  One partner tosses a water balloon to the other.  Take one step back and toss again.  Keep stepping apart and tossing the balloon until it breaks.  The pair furthest apart before their balloon breaks wins!!
Beach Towels
Party Favors
ADULTS - personalize a beachcomber hat with your guest's name. 
KIDS - This is what we put together!  There is a lot to choose from so let your imagination run wild!
Girl's Favors -
    Flip Flop Tote with...
          Flamingo sunglasses
          Hibiscus hair clips
          Fishy tattoos floral fans
Boy's Favors -
Let your guests serve up their food in these fun palm leaf platters. Complete with paper napkins and plastic utensils for easy clean-up.
  • Hot dogs with the works condiment bar.
  • Pepperidge Farm Goldfish crackers with shovel.
  • Sno-cones served up in paper holders in a variety of flavors
Ice chest filled with Pop / sparkling water / beer / wine.  One for the kids and one for the adults – label with a sign on a post sticking out of the chest!
At the Bar – Shark Bite served in fun glasses
Ocean Punch, Sprite with ice cube fish served in colorful
plastic cups