Garlic Party
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Garlic....Considered by every chef to be an essential ingredient, dates back to ancient Egypt.  The pharaohs used this herb for its health properties.
We say, forget the health benefits!  Invite foodie friends over to celebrate this versatile and delicious little bulb.
garlic, garlic, garlic, and more garlic.......!!!!!!!
We have to admit, there aren't a lot of garlic party invitations to choose from.  But, we found these postcards which are perfect for inviting your guests!  You just may be the first in your circle of friends to throw a garlic party.
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 Set the Scene

How Many Ways Can Garlic Be Used Game- Have your guests write down as many ways to use garlic as they can think of.  Let the crowd be the judge of what is valid and what is not.  The one with the longest list wins.

Garlic Eating Contest- Assuming you have takers, the winner is the one who can eat the most raw garlic gloves in 1 minute.  

Garlic Peeling Contest- For those who weren't brave enough for the Garlic Eating Contest, give each participant a bulb of garlic.  The first one to peel all the gloves in their bulb is the winner.Garlic Party Decor Garlic Braid.jpg

Party Favors

Garlic Magnets

Party Prizes

The Garlic Lovers' Cookbook

"Garlic Makes Everything Better" Chef's Apron

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BeverageWine is an excellent accompaniment to most any garlic infused meal, red or white.  For starters, with the Baked Garlic; a soft Sauvignon Blanc.  With the main course; Flank Steak, an Oregon Pinot Noir.