A Picnic in Provence

Ahhh...A summer picnic in Provence with family and friends.
The setting, the activities and oh yes...The FOOD will have all thinking they have crossed the Atlantic, and are picnicking in Southern France!!  Create Provence at a local lavender field, neighborhood park or your back yard!


The invitation...
The french are all about simple elegance...Make you own invites with this 'easy to do' kit.  Using your computer select an elegant font to print out all the party details.  Include a pressed lavender sprig in the invite for a wonderful scent!!
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Set the Scene...
The Activities...

Weave lavender garlands and bracelets (Be sure to have plenty of lavender bunches on hand).  Most creative wins  
Sketching contest- Hand out sketch pads and pencils to each guest.  Ask one of the guests to pose nude...JK!!  Put together a still life and vote on the next Monet, Van Gogh or Rembrandt!!
Parlez vous Francais? (Do you speak French?)

The Prizes....
The Favors.....
  • Lavender bracelets the guests have made
  • Terra Cotta pots with lavender plants
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The Menu....
To Drink...
  • French champagne...Of course, or try our fav TJ's Champagne on the cheap!
  • Wine
  • Bottle Mineral Water


The Music....