"Meet Me In Margaritaville"

A Retirement Party  
After years of working, commuting, and providing;
get this corporate veteren started on (a well deserved) retirement
with a Jimmy Buffett, tropical island inspired party.



What could be more perfect than these Margarita invites for your "Meet Me in Margaritaville" Retirement Party? Personalize them for the retiree. 
Gift: Instead of asking each guest to bringing an individual gift, have everyone contribute to a group gift; such as airline tickets to Key West, Hawaii or the Bahamas. 
Party Attire: Island beach wear. There's a contest for the wildest attire (think "Parrothead"!).


Retirement Party Margaritaville Party Decor Parrot Poster.jpg

Set the Scene

For certain...This is a back yard/dancing to the music/laid back kind of party! Here's what you'll need:

  • "Lost Shaker of Salt" Treasure Hunt. Get the party started by hiding a salt shaker...Needed, of course, for the margaritas. The one who finds it wins the first party prize.
  • "Goodbye Tension, Hello Pension" scratch tickets
  • Coconut bowling- set up empty soda cans for pins and use coconuts as bowling balls. Find out who is the best coconut bowler.
  • "Wildest Shirt/Dress/Shorts contest- Have the party guests vote for who has the wildest, most outrageous island beach attire.
Party Prizes
Party Favors

This menu was island inspired, with a lot of help from Jimmy Buffet's music.