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Wild West Cowboy Round Up Party

It’s round up time!!  We’re lookin’ for a few good cowpokes to come on over to our Wild West Corral for a whoppin’ good birthday party.
We've tailored this cowboy party for boys, but with a few changes you can make this a cowgirl party as well.  
Round up all his friends and have them mosey on over to your corral for an afternoon of cowboy fun; complete with pony rides, wild west games and cowboy cookout food.  Customize this Cowboy Invitation to fit your little buckaroo's party.
Set the Scene 
Here's how to turn your back yard or great room into a wild west corral:
  • Nail western signs to a post and place in the front yard or attach to the front door. 
  • Handout cowboy hats and bandanas for each boy to put on as they enter the party. 
  • With a few bales of hay you can turn any area into a wild west corral.  In addition to adding atmosphere, the boys can climb on them and they can be used for extra seating.  Check online for sources near you to purchase.  We found straw bales as low as $6.50/bale.
  • Your little cowboys will get a kick out of shufflin' through swinging saloon doors.
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The key to a successful party for children is making sure there are plenty of planned activities.
  • Little cowpokes love pony rides!!!  Check your local area for companies that bring ponies to your location.  Be sure to take videos/photos, so the boys can share the fun with their families after the party.
  • Pony 'stick' Obstacle Course - Set up an obstacle course in the back yard.  Time each rider as they maneuver through the course.  The winner gets to take home the pony stick.
  • Horse Shoe Toss - This rubber 'horse shoe toss' game is safe.  The boys will have fun seeing how good they are at tossing a horse shoe.
  • Water or Nerf Gun Shoot Out - Set up a target and have each little gun slinger take his turn shooting at the bulls eye.  There is a huge selection of water and nerf guns appropriate from age 4 and up.  Let the boys find out who is the 'best in the west'!
  • Barrel Roping - Set up a barrel (or garbage can) and teach the boys how to "rope a cow".... Okay, throw a lasso around a barrel.  See how many tries it takes... wild west birthday party activity pony ride2.jpg
Party Favors
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Party Prizes          

  • 'Stick 'em Up' Carrot & Celery Sticks
  • Uniformly cut carrot and celery sticks into 4" sticks
  • Tie with twine to make a bale.