Husband Appreciation……

"A Sexy Celebration"

He is your best friend, your lover and the man you married!  Now is the time to let him know just how important he is to you.  So, what does that look like to him?....NOT YOU!  "Romance and dinner - you know....red meat".  He IS a guy and after all it is all about HIM!  The third Saturday in April is set aside just for your hubby.


It is tasteful, it is simple, it is...

   A single red rose delivered with an intimate invitation on a white calling card!  Simply stated: time and place.

   Or:  A singing telegram with "our" song and invite included.


  Set the Scene:
Place: Home if you are alone, or a hotel that is memorable for the two of you.  How about where you spent your HONEYMOON?
Candles:  Lots of candles, ivory in Glass Votives and candlesticks with ivory tapers.  (We all look better in candle light.)
A table set for two:  Simple white linens (including napkins), Red roses  and of course CANDLES!        
The Bedroom:  A rose petal path to the bedroom. (We all know that is what the guy is supposed to do for you... has that ever happened?  No!  After tonight he will be investing in rose petals!!) 
What to Wear? You are dressed in your sexiest outfit... the one he loves and won’t let you wear out of the house!
Greet him at the door:  With his favorite cocktail a....Hub-a-tini.
Dinner time: You feed him, literally one bite at at time.
Bed time:  Oh yeah, it's a stripTEASE,  play the music and have fun with it!




  Crusty French Bread

  Cherries Jubilee (On fire!)

  His Gift:

photo album of your "special" moments  together!

A poem you have written just for him!
     (He will love the intimacy.)
That special something he has always
wanted: (At least for the last year!)



You know, we all have...."Our" song!