A 'Great Gatsby'Affair…

Gatsby - Limo

The Great Gatsby” by F. Scott Fitzgerald chronicled the prosperity and decadence of the 1920’s!  Prohibition was in effect and created bootlegger millionaires and organized crime.  Invite your guests to an evening of preposterous activities, decadent food and music, celebrating the ‘Jazz Age’.   Oh, did we say it was just a little ECCENTRIC…?

  • A Croquet tournament- throughout the afternoon.  Make sure you play by the-rules!!
  • Dancing on the patio- Do you tango or do the Charleston? 
  • Talkie movie- When the sun has set show a movie on the side of the house or set up an intimate theater inside.  We like Al Jolson in  The Jazz Singer
  • Name the guests' characters- Give each guest a ballot and have them guess the "identities" of the other guests.  The one with the most correct answers becomes the "Big Cheese" for the evening!  Make this a photo op- take pics of each guest with the BIG CHEESE!  
  • 1920's... What does that mean?-   Hand out a list of the 1920's slang words and phrases.  Ask the guests to write down the meaning of each.  The guest with the most right answers wins.  Here is our list to get you started. 

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  • Let evite introduce the party!  Ask your guests to come as a famous or "infamous" person from the 20's and not reveal who they are!  Dinner will be served 'Gatsby' style.
Set the Stage
  • Croquet Course:  In F. Scott Fitzgerald's world it is measured precisely and manicured to a tee....Or the backyard, newly mowed will be just fine!!  Use this opportunity to buy the croquet set you always wanted.
  • Gazebo:  You know you have always wanted one...Now is the time to build your very own!!  It’s the “bee’s knees” to protect your guests from the rain and sun!  A great spot to set up your bistro table, draped with white linens, where guests can mingle, eat, drink and have a “swell” time.
  • String lantern lights on the gazebo and in the trees!
  • Glass bowls with floating candles and Calla lilies make “swanky” center pieces.
  • Pass the hors d’oeuvres onSilver Platters ”.
Gatsby Gazebo
  • Cigars Hand them out individually or use this sampler as a GRAND prize.
  • Bottle of Plymouth Gin" (since 1793).
Party Favors
  • Shot glasses for him:  Custom engraved with "A Great Gatsby Affair" and date.
  • Pop/ sparkling water / beer /wine
  • The "Gin Mill" is serving up a Gibson
  • Dance like the flappers did to this music in the '20's