Snow Princess
Ice Skating Birthday Party
2010 is the year of the XXI Winter Olympic Games!  What better way to celebrate your little girl's 7th, 8th, 9th.... birthday than an ice skating party?  Remember Kristi Yamaguchi?  We do!  We were dreaming of flying across the ice in beautiful costumes to a thunder of applause then standing on the platform to receive our GOLD medal!  Create this dream for your birthday girl!!
How cute!... We found this adorable invite that
let's all your guests know they are in for a wonderful
time at the local skating rink, followed by an awards
ceremony at home. Be sure to include all the details;
what to wear, time, location, if you are not paying the
rental be sure to let everyone know the cost, etc.  Invite
the parents to the "after the skating rink" awards
ceremony at home!!

Set the Scene
At the rink- (Have the parents drop off their girls and pick them up a couple of hours later.  Everyone meets back at the house to participate in the awards ceremony!)
At the house-
  • Snowflakes hanging from the ceiling on silver ribbons with pink and lavendar gossamer streamers intermingled.  Love these!
  • A snow princess poster to hang behind the awards platform.
  • White twinkle lights hung about the room.
  • The awards platform, a wooden box turned upside down draped in white felt does the trick.   Be sure to have a  microphone to announce the awards!
  • Drape the party table in white felt and the balloons from the rink become the centerpiece.
  • Eliminate the need for utensils and serve the soup in white ceramic mugs !!
  • Hire a pro for the first hour to teach some skating basics! Also, invite a parent or some of the older siblings to help on the ice!!
  • Your own "Olympic Games"-  Judging begins with best turn, spin, cross over, etc.  Have fun with this and create enough moves for each skater, so everyone wins a medal to be awarded at home.  Be sure to take your video camera to replay the fun for the parents.
  • Who knows their Olympics- give each girl a pencil and paper and have them write down all the Olympic events they can think of.  The one with the most correct events and the one with the most creative list wins a prize.  This will be fun because children have wonderful imaginations!!
  • Photo-op awards ceremony- Take a picture of each girl as she is awarded her medal, print it out and send it home in a frame.
  • Medals- Order these skating medals with the PINK ribbon!
  • Crown the winner of the Olympic "know it all" with this adorable faux fur hat!!
  • A faux fur muff is awarded to the most creative!
For the Girls:
For the Adults:
  • The Ice Princess Starring Katarina Vitt, an Olympic champion, beautiful skating, music and a love story....all girl!!  (Great background music!)
  • Ice Princess by Disney