Flower Power
B-day Party...
What little girl wouldn't want to celebrate her birthday surrounded by her best friends and lots and lots of brightly colored flowers?   She may know nothing about the 1960's and the original meaning of "flower power", but you can share the magic with her .... Throw her a Flower Power Party!!
Flowers of course!!  This invitation is so cute!  It has a magnet on the back, turning it into a keepsake decoration....Just perfect!
Set the Scene
  • Turn the Birthday Girl into the "FLOWER POWER GIRL" with this 'flower power' dress.
  • Decorate the party room with brightly colored flower posters.
  • Hang crepe paper "ribbons" (neon pink, orange, yellow and green) in door frames for the girls to walk through.
  • Create the perfect center piece (one the girls will devour!) with these flower lollipops.  Fill a flower pot with jelly beans and arrange the lollipops into a colorful bouquet.
  • A table cover, plates, cups, napkins, balloons, candles and more are all included in this flower power party supplies for.
  • As the girls arrive clip flowers in their hair.
  • What better way to get the party started than having the girls paint flower pots and make tissue paper flowers?  These delightful creations can be used to decorate the party room and then become party favors for each girl to take home.  An alternative to painting the pots is to use stickers.  Award prizes for most creative, funniest, and most colorful.
  • Find a professional (or artistic friend) to paint flowers on the girls faces and hands.  A another great "take home" for the girls to show off to their moms and dads.
  • Girls love to paint their fingernails!  Whether you choose one, or mix and match several colors, a manicure using these neon nail polish colors, will be a fun activity the girls can do on their own.
  • The perfect picture back drop is this flower power love bug.  Take a photo of each girl individually, and then one with all the girls "crammed" into the bug.  BTW...The world record is 21 people stuffed into a new VW Beetle on April 25, 2001.
Party Favors
  • Tissue paper flowers and decorated pots
  • Flower hair clips
  • Flower Power Flip Flops
Party Prizes
It's a party and the girls will be busy with activities, so we recommend keeping the food simple...Remember, it's all about the flowers!!



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