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.....TAPAS PARTY.....

Listen to this party's music!

    Centuries ago bartenders in Spain started putting a bread "lid", or tapa ("lid" or "cover" in Spanish) on glasses of sherry to keep fruit flies out of their patron's drinks.  In an effort to comply with King Alfonso X of Castile's order, bartenders began placing nibbles (secured with toothpicks) on the tapas.  It turns out that King Alfonso's order was very good for business... The saltier the nibble, the more alcohol was consumed!!  Today's tapas are far more about tasty nibbles than they are about fruit flies!! 
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Tapas are 'small bites' in Spain... Invite your guests with a tapas themed invitation
Set the Scene


  • Hire a local Flamenco dancer to demonstrate the dance.
  • How well do you know Spain??  Prizes for guests with the most correct answers.


Party Favors
Menu- Serve the tapas in cazuelas alongside platters of Manchego Cheese and Jamon Serrano!
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