Thomas & Friends Birthday Party

Thomas's origins date back to 1913 and the E2 class engine designed by Lawson Billinton.  In 1946, Thomas first appeared in the second book of "The Railway Series" as "Thomas the Tank Engine".  In 1979 a British writer/producer Britt Allcroft came across the books, mortgaged her home and used the proceeds to bring the books to life (now known as 'Thomas and Friends').  With history like that, not only will your kids love a Thomas party; the parents who grew up with Thomas will have fun, too!

The Invite

The Invitations announce the theme!  Invite your child's friends and parents to join the celebration.  Ask the parents to bring any memorabilia they may have of 'Thomas' from their childhood. 


The Scene

There is no lack of party decorations for a 'Thomas' themed party...The dilemma is where to STOP!!

Balloons and Streamers

The table ...Plates, napkins, cups, party bags etc.


Custom Birthday Sign - Hang it outside the let the party goers know where the party is!


The Activities

Place the train on the track- Apply a Thomas and Friends Peel & Stick Track to the wall running vertically.  Give each child one of the directional stickers.  Blind fold them, turn them around 2-3 times, aim them toward the wall and have them place their 'Thomas' sticker on the track.  The child, who's sticker comes closest to the track, wins!  Ask parents to join in and guide their child verbally. This is a lot of fun, especially when the children are really little and just learning their right from their left!

Pull Back Racers 'Race'- Each party goer is given a Thomas Pull Back Toy (in their party favor bag) and the race is on!  The contestant who goes the farthest wins. (Best out of 3 tries)!

Floor Puzzle Scramble -The Thomas The Tank Engine Floor Puzzle is placed on the floor with the puzzle pieces right side up.  The child that puts the most pieces of the puzzle together wins!  Have the parents keep track of how many pieces their child places.

Show and Tell- Parents, it's your turn.  Each parent who has brought 'Thomas' memorabilia from their childhood stands up and presents their treasure.  Parents have to "SELL IT" ...The kids will vote on who brought the coolest 'Thomas' memento from the past!

The Prizes

Thomas The Tank Engineer Cap

Thomas The Train Talking Engine

Thomas & Friends Bubble Bath

Thomas the Tank Engine Story Collection (The Railway Series)

The Favors (Fill the party bags with Thomas goodies)

Thomas Pull Back Racers (This becomes a game)

Thomas The Tank Pez

Thomas the Tank Engine Twisty Turn Puzzles

Thomas Mini Wooden Whistle





The Menu

(A Slider Bar- All you need are slider buns or dinner rolls, a selection of meat patties, a variety of toppings and a little imagination and you have a slider bar.  Our creations below!)






The Music

Thomas Songs & Roundhouse Rhythms