Our Volunteers are All Star Celebrities...
Who is a VOLUNTEER..?
      One who does charitable or service work without pay
      One who is passionate about helping people
      One who looks to the greater good
      One who considers others first...And so much more
Recognize your volunteers with a party in their honor!!  Each and everyone is special and what they have done is AMAZING!!   We wish to honor their wonderful and selfless giving that has benefited so many.  Enjoy... It’s their time.
The Invitations...
These custom invites are perfect to announce your "All Star Celebrity Event"!!  Pick your color (we used purple white and silver) and title, add in all the party info and mail out-sealed with a star!!
 The Scene... (Think STARS....!!)
 The Activities...
  • Walk of Fame- Call each volunteer up on stage to receive their special award...(ie Efficiency, Newbie, Zealousness, etc.)
  • Name that photo- Pass out a sheet of paper with a collage of photos showing different people and events throughout the year.  Ask each guest to name the person and event.  The one with most right answers is the winner!!
  • VOLUNTEER- Write the word volunteer vertically on a sheet of paper.  Make enough copies to hand out to each guest.  Allow the guests ten minutes to come up with a word, describing their experience, that starts with each letter listed vertically, ie V- valuable, O- outstanding, ....  Vote for the most unique, funniest, etc.
The Prizes...
  • Star Trophies with custom engraving is awarded each volunteer on stage
  • Volunteer of the year- A gift certificate to a local spa, for a day of pampering
  • Gift certificate for a dinner out...They deserve it!
 The Favors...
The Menu...
The Beverage...



The Music: