50th Birthday Celebration        

“Here’s Looking At You Kid"

Your guest of honor has arrived… really come of age, that is!  What better way to celebrate than in "50’s"  Hollywood style...  Who better to serve the drinks than Bogart himself...!  This will be an evening to remember!!!
Make your own!!  A baby photo of the Birthday guy or gal on the front with this quote below:  "Here's Looking At You Kid!"  Open up the invite to reveal all the details of the party including... Make it a SURPRISE!
Include:  Wear black and white vintage   attire.  In lieu of a gift, bring a fun item from the fifties for a time capsule to be opened at yes... their 65th!!
Set the "Stage":

  • Recreate the "Starlight Room" (here's what it looks like today).  The colors:  Black, ivory, gold, blue & red.
  • A butler (a friend) wearing a tux greeting guests at the door, serving flutes of champagne from a tray.
  • Gold and blue metallic streamers, hung vertically from the ceiling, cut to above standing head height.
  • A custom banner with "Here's Looking at You Kid" and the guest of honor's baby photo.
  • 3 to 4 bistro tables dressed in ivory linen and a single red rose with these battery operated candles make a perfect place to set cocktails and small bites. 
  • A golden candelabra lamp on the piano or bar.
  • A Boggart movie, Casablanca, in black and white running on the TV (no sound).
  • A Boggie impersonator at the bar serving drinks, a friend will do, you just need the hat.
  • Party Starter:  Who's Got Your Back?
  • Toast (or Roast?) the Guest of Honor.  Have five friends prepare a fun toast to hale the birthday person.
  • Display a variety of pictures of the honoree through the years.  Identify them by number.  Print out sheets of paper with corresponding numbers.  Hand out to the guests and have them guess the age of the birthday person in each photo.  The guest with the most right answers wins! (Psst... family should be disqualified in this one!!)
  • What was happening then?  A trivia questionnaire.  Ask 20 questions about the year the birthday honoree was born.  Who was president, best picture, etc.  The most answers wins.  You will need paper and pencil for each guest.


  Party Favors:
  • Casablanca DVD
  • Photo op with Boggie (the impersonator)! Use this printer to print out the photos the next day and enclose in a folder to send to your guests.  A great reminder of a very fun evening.
Menu: Small Bites
 Beverages:  "At the Bar"


The Music: