Once upon a time in a distant land, a baby girl was born to commoners.  She became known as Kate and grew up to be strong and couragious with a beauty that was renowned throughout the Kingdom.  In the daylight hours Kate was occupied with her studies and competing in games of the day.  In the darkness of night she dreamt of becoming a princess.  One day the pureness of her spirit and celebrated beauty caught the attention of a handsome young prince, who asked for her hand in marriage. 

On April 29, 2011 our girl Kate will become Dutchess Catherine, the future Queen of England.

Invite girlfriends over to watch the fairy tale wedding.  Celebrate as Kate marries her dashing Prince Charming.  Host a

Will and Kate's Royal Wedding Viewing Party!

Listen to this party's music! 


Party Invitations

Use this tiara image (just save it to your desk top then attach it to the invitation) and create your own invitationBegin the wording with "Hear Ye, Hear Ye....

Set the Scene

Turn your living room into a fairy tale palace with....




Party Activities

  • The primary activity of the day is to watch the royal wedding ...Enjoy!
  • British Royal Family Trivia- a prize goes to the guest with the most correct answers.
  • Decorate goblets- Have each guest decorate their own wine goblet with craft gems.  Once everyone has finished decorating their goblet; have guests vote on the most 'royal' goblet of them all!

Party Prizes

Party Favors



Party Menu

Serve a menu fit for a fairy tale princess with...


Party Music



And, they lived happily ever after....