There are many theories surrounding the origin of April Fool's Day.  The one that we choose to believe is....

Originating in ancient Roman times, April Fool's Day was Emporer Constantine's challenge to his court jesters; inviting them to rule the empire for a day.  This year invite friends and family to embrace the fool within, by hosting an

April Fool's Day Party!

Party Invitations

Send guests this groucho nose and glasses.  Enclose a note, inviting them to your party.  You might start the wording with;  "April 1, 2013 is April Fools Day, so of course we thought of you...."  In addition to wearing their noses; ask them to dress "foolishly".  Request that they wear crazy wigs, clothing inside out or backwards, different shoes on each foot, different colored socks on each foot....Anything they can think of that fits this party's theme!



Set the Party Scene

Fool your guests with the unexpected....

  • Flamingos on the front lawn- faux painted in zebra, giraffe and leopard patterns.
  • Post a "condemed" notice and place caution tape across the front door.
  • Place drapery panels on the outside of the living room windows
  • Hang pictures upside down.
  • Find "unexpected" images on-line (like the one to the left- just drag and save it to your desk top or take a look at Google Images for other ideas). Take them to your local copy center, to have them enlarged and made into posters that you can hang on the wall.
  • Coat the inside of the bathroom faucet with blue food coloring, to surprise guests when they turn on the water to wash their hands.
  • Place fake parking tickets on guests' cars, to fool them when they leave the party.

Party Activities

  • Hire a magician to "fool" your guests with slight of hand.
  • Who's the Biggest Fool?  Have guests vote on the person who wore the most "foolish" outfit.



Party Prizes

Party Favors

Party Menu

Choose a menu that will fool your guests...



Party Beverage

  • Offer your guests "Red Hots"- OK, they're actually Mint Chocolate Truffle-tinis with red food coloring added.  Your guests will be "fooled" into thinking that they're taking a sip of something spicy with cinnamon.  Instead they'll taste chocolate mint velvet....Surprise!!

Party Music