A Romantic Valentine Dinner for Two 
Remember when you fell in love?  Did your heart pound? 
Was there a lump in your throat? 
Did you become shy and unable to think of anything to say?
Bring back all those heart throbbing memories of falling in love...
This party is just for the two you, no one else!!!!


Send him/her an arrow, straight to the heart!

Simply say...

"Be Mine"

When: February 14, 7 pm

Where: My (Our) Place

We think this invitation's perfect

 Set the Scene
  • Turn the lights down low.  Scatter lots of candles around the room.  Romantic, sensuous... You got it!
  • Chill a bottle of champagne in an ice filled Champagne Bucket ... Ready to pour as soon as your lover arrives.
  • Set a small table (you want to be close), just for the two of you.
  • For the center piece... Gardenias in a shallow dish.  The fragrance is intoxicating.
  • Music!!!  Soft, soothing love tunes.
  • Push back the furniture and clear a space, roomy enough for the two of you to dance to romantic music after dinner, or before dinner, or during dinner... Let's just say all night long.
  • Recite a poem you have written that recounts your romance.
  • Give each other a back or foot massage with Warm and Sensual Massage Oil, chosen by Cosmopolitan as one of their "Sexiest Gifts Ever!".
  • Watch a romantic movie.  Over 100 classic, modern, or comedy love stories for you to choose from.
  • ...And of course the dancing.
Valentine Gift
If you don't already have a gift for your sweetheart, consider one of these perfect Valentine gifts:

For Him:   

For Her:



 roasted game hens
my  sweet valentine