What are you doing the day after Thanksgiving?  Why not enjoy Turkey Day leftovers and decorate your Christmas tree with family and friends?  A party turns tree decorating into a festive activity shared with those who mean the most to you.  
This year invite friends and family over to deck the halls with a
Tree Trimming Party

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We found this handmade invitation for a tree trimming party on Etsy...Perfect!  Ask your guests to dress in the spirit of the season, fit for decorating the tree. 

 Set the Scene
  • Set up your tree before the party.
  • Pull out your ornaments, lights, and tree topper.  Dust them off and check the lights (in case any need replacing).  Want something new?   We found these ScentSicles perfect for adding a fresh pine scent to your home.  
  • A wreath on the front door will give your guests a feeling of holiday cheer as they arrive. 
  • Hang mistletoe in a conspicuous spot so your guests can practice their smooching skills. 
  • Have plenty of holiday music to fill the air!!
  • Name That Tune - play holiday music.  The first guest to name the title of the song gets a point.  The one with the most points is the winner.
  • Want to make sure everyone gets into decorating the tree?   Spur your guests on by tagging several of the oraments. Have  prizes (Starbucks gift card, a Christmas ornament, a Christmas mug) for those who find the ornaments with a tag.
Party Favors
Party Prizes
Our menu uses leftover turkey, dressing, mashed potatoes, and cranberry sauce in...
Add to your collection of holiday music with these recordings... Sure to fill your home with Christmas cheer.

Merry Christmas!