Father's Day


A Picnic in the Park


Whether it’s just Dad and the family or a large crowd; a day at the park, enjoying great food and games will make this Father’s Day one to remember.

Fathers Day Party Invitation.jpg

Invite friends and family to gather at the park and celebrate Dad on June 16th.  We like this invitation!
Every town, large or small, has a park that's perfect for an afternoon Father’s Day picnic.  Your “Dad” may even have a favorite spot that will make the ideal location! 


Set the Scene
It's a picnic, so be sure to bring along the picnic basket.  Don't have one?  Make a new picnic basket Dad's Father's Day gift.
Can't have a picnic without a tablecloth and coordinating napkins!
Kites for everyone.
Bring along additional blankets and folding lawn chairs to help everyone relax!


This year Father’s Day is June 17th just four days before the first day of summer.  Take advantage of the summer weather and ...head to the park for a picnic.

Blindfold Dad.  If you have children, let them take turns directing Dad (voice only) to different hidden prizes.  Dad will have fun and so will the kids.  No kids?  That’s okay, adults have fun with this game, too!!.

Kite flying makes for a great competition; fun for either single competitors or teams. Have prizes for the kites that go the farthest, do the most loops and stay aloft the longest.   Inexpensive kites can be purchased from most toy, drug or variety stores.   There are also a number of online sites that sell kites ranging from a few dollars to hundreds of dollars such as Intothewind.

Fathers Day Party Kite in the Park2.jpg

Gift for Dad

Every Dad is unique, so why not celebrate his uniqueness with a caricature.  He'll love showing this off to friends and colleagues at work.  

Prizes and Party Favors
The perfect party favors and prizes for this Father's Day celebration are those that can be put to use right away....