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'Twas the night before Christmas.... The tree is lit, stockings are hung and Santa's cookie plate is overflowing.  The dining table is set for fondue, a "must do" tradition in our home!  We look forward to relaxing and sharing stories of Christmases past and events of the last year.

Santa Ornament

Hand deliver (or mail) a keepsake ornament to invite your guests.  Select something special that will commemorate the day.  Attach a hand made tag with pretty Christmas ribbon.  Be sure to include the time, location and a Secret Santa gift request!!
Set the Scene
  • You are already decorated for the Holidays, just add a few touches and you are ready to entertain.
  • Star of the show.... The Fondue PotWe love Cuisinart's electric fondue pot, which stays at temperature and allows up to eight forks at a time!!
  • These fondue plates are perfect for containing multiple sauces on your plate!!
  • These adorable reindeer placemats add holiday cheer and frivolity to your table!!
    • Secret Santa- Ask your guests to bring a wrapped gift within a designated budget, ie; up to $20.00.  Cut enough slips of paper for every guest at the party, number them and place them in a bowl.  Have each guest draw a number from the bowl.  Whoever has drawn #1 selects a gift and opens it.  The guest that has drawn #2 has the option of selecting an unopened gift or "stealing" #1's gift (if #1's gift is "stolen", he/she must select another unopened gift).  This process continues until the guest that has drawn the highest number"steals" one of the opened gifts or has chosen the last unopened gift.  The game may end here or you can go around another time, allowing each guest one more trade out.  This is fun for kids who are sooo excited because they get to open a gift early... Anticipating Christmas morning!
    • Dueling Carolers- Divide your guests into teams of two or three.  Write the titles of common Christmas carols on note cards and place them in a basket, face down.  One at a time, each team will select a card and perform the first chorus of the carol.  If the team misses the words they are out of the game.  The last team standing.... Wins.  If you run out of carols you can start over...this time performing the second chorus.
    • Board Games- Pull out past year's gifts of games and have a tournament of Monopoly, Sorry or even Bingo!

Christmas CDs

Bags filled with candy

Christmas Crackers



Musical Christmas Crackers

Fondue:  Fire up the fondue pots and pull out a variety of condiments for dipping; chutney, BBQ sauce, sesame seeds, spices.... let your imagination run wild!!  We have included two sauce recipes we love with our fondue.  We generally choose shrimp and beef, but chicken and veggies are great, too!
    Appetizer     Main Coarse
  • Wine
  • Sparkling Cider for the kids
  • Caribbean Cafe- served with dessert