The Dicken's office was managed by Ebenezer Scrooge....Yikes!!  This year count your blessings and gather co-workers for

A Dickens of

An Office Christmas Party....

Forget Bah Humbug and throw a party that the newly reformed Scrooge would be proud of!!



Alert the employees NOW, you want to make certain that the Office Christmas Party is the first holiday event on their calendars! 
Send co-workers a Victorian themed invitation.  Look on-line for an image that you like and create your own inviteRequest that employees come "decorated" in as much Christmas themed clothing and jewelry as they can find!  And.... Oh yes, have them bring a blanket to benefit the needy.
Set the Scene 


  • Have employees vote on the most "decorated" co-worker.  A prize goes to the winner.
  • "Complete the Christmas Carol" game.  Prizes go to the winners.
  • Hire professional carolers (preferably dressed in Victorian costumes) to serenade the group.  Make reservations now, these carolers book up quickly!
  • Have all employees bring a blanket to benefit the needy.


Party Favors
Travel back to Victorian England with this selection of traditional British treats....Cheerio!
    At the very end of Charles Dicken's "A Christmas Carol", a transformed Ebenezer Scrooge and his long suffering employee, Bob Cratchit, share a "bowl" of an oddly named libation....

    A Smoking Bishop