Christmas Caroling Party 

Put on your mittens and mufflers. Now, warm up those vocal chords.....
It's time to go caroling!!
"Fa La La La La ~ La La La La"


Make it festive and whimsical.  We love this one!! Be sure to tell your guests to dress warmly!


Christmas Caroling Party Decor.jpg

Set the Scene

  • Vases filled with cranberries and corkscrew willow branches.
  • Evergreen boughs and pinecones- spray painted silver and gold.  Place on the mantle and down the center of the serving table. 
  • Clear holiday lights strung around the room
  • Candles everywhere


  • Christmas Caroling- Dress your guests up in santa hats and give them Christmas carol booklets. Now, head out to serenade the neighbors!  Or, check with local assisted living facilities- they often welcome carolers.
  • Christmas Word Scramble- Scramble the letters of familiar Christmas words (ie: "Scrooge" scrambled might become ogrosec).  Write each scrambled word on a 5 X 7 index card and tuck into an envelope.  Make enough cards for every guest at the party.  Hand out the envelopes and instruct guests to open their envelopes at the same time.  The first guest to un-scramble their word wins a prize.
  • Complete the Christmas Carol.  The highest score wins a prize!
  • A "Hot Chocolate Bar" set up for the guests to enjoy after caroling. In addition to hot chocolate, set up the bar with gourmet marshmallows, dark chocolate curls, whipped cream, assorted liqueurs (cream de menthe, kahluha, brandy, etc), peppermint sticks and shaved white chocolate.


Party Favors 
Serve the appetizers when your guests arrive. Save the Hot Chocolate Bar and trifle for them to enjoy after caroling!