How Well Do You Know
 the Sex and the City Girls??
Give your guests this quiz, testing their knowledge of our favorite fashionistas.  The guest with the most correct answers wins a prize!
1.  What is Samantha's last name
   A.  Smith
   B.  Harris
   C.  Jones
   D.  York
Answer: Jones
2.  What is Miranda's favorite Chinese restaurant?
   A.  The Peking
   B.  The Ming Tree
   C.  Shanghai Garden
   D.  Wang's
Answer:  Shanghai Garden
3.  What is Mr. Big's real name?
   A.  Jim Wilson
   B.  John Preston
   C.  Tom Hays
   D.  Mike Roberts
Answer: John Preston
4.  For which newspaper does Carrie write a column?
   A.  The Post
   B.  The Village Crier
   C.  The City Voice
   D.  The New York Store
Answer:  The New York Store
5.  For which magazine did Carrie write a freelance column in Season 4? 
   A.  Vogue
   B.  Cosmopolitan
   C.  In Style
   D.  Marie Clair
Answer:  Vogue
6.  Which character is most likely to wear a preppy sweater set?
   A.  Carrie
   B.  Charlotte
   C.  Miranda
   D.  Samantha
Answer:  Charlotte
7.  What was Samantha's actor boyfriend's name?
   A.  Brad
   B.  Spencer
   C.  Smith
   D.  Anderson
Answer:  Smith
8.  What did Charlotte's first husband do for a living?
   A.  Doctor
   B.  Actor
   C.  Stock broker
   D.  Therapist
9.  Where did Samantha work as a teenager?
   A.  McDonald's
   B.  Denny's
   C.  Dairy Queen
   D.  Elmer's
Answer:  Dairy Queen
10.  What does Charlotte do for a living?
   A.  Financial planner
   B.  Art dealer
   C.  Director of a non-profit
   D.  Talent Scout
Answer:  Art dealer