Slang of the "60's"
A social revolution, love was all around, the Beatles had taken the world by storm and a new vocabulary erupted.  They say....If you remember anything about "60's", then you really weren't there.  Do you remember?  (click here for more words)
Far Out
Don't be such a spaz
Don't sweat it
In your face
Can you dig it
Get real
How's it hanging
Take a chill pill
Get real
Freak me out
Dig it
Cya later alligator
Be there or be square
Keep on truckin
Catch you on the flip-side
May the force be with you
The Skinny
Lose your cool
Get off my case
Give me a break
Beats the hell out of me
Are you for real
Go ape
Do a number
All she wrote
Yabba, dabba, doo
Beam me up Scotty
It's a gas
Bug out
Hang loose
Outta sight man
Pipe down
Hang ten