"George's Face on a Bill" Poker....
Each guest will receive a crisp dollar bill when they arrive at the party.  They will be asked to challenge another guest to Dollar Bill Poker.  The winner of the match will take the opponent’s loot.  The opponents (without any loot) are now out of the game. The winners will find another winner and challenge them to the next match.  The winner of this match will take their opponent’s loot (should be $2- their original dollar and the dollar they won from their first match).  The remaining winners will challenge a remaining winner to another match.  The winner of this match will take their opponent’s loot (the original dollar and all of their winnings).  Continue matches until there is only one winner left.  He or she will have all the dollars to keep as a prize.
How to play Dollar Bill Poker:  Use the serial number on the bottom of your dollar bill to play this game.  Unlike regular poker; there are no royal flushes.  The winning "hands", from lowest to highest points are: high card, one pair, 2 pair, three of a kind, a straight, a full house and four of a kind.  Example:  If the serial number is I 84862618 A;  The "hand" would be (3)8s and (2) 6s - so, a full house.