How to Taste Wine….


1. Observe:  Hold the wine glass by stem at an angle. Observe the wine's clarity, color, hue and intensity. The wine should be clear and visually pleasing.
2. Smell:  Bring the glass to within an inch of your nose and inhale deeply.  The aroma should be pleasant and inviting.
3. Swirl & Smell:  Swirl the wine in your glass, and before it stops swirling—smell a second time. The aroma should be pleasant and inviting—only more intense than the first. Swirling introduces oxygen into the wine.
4. Taste:  Take a small sip of wine; then a sip of air.  Keep the wine in your mouth and run it over your tongue.
5. Assess:  Make your assessment as to sight, aroma, flavor and overall impression.