Let the Good Times Roll....With Mardi Gras Trivia

Mardi Gras Trivia 
1) Mardi Gras is French for?

            A) Big Party

            B) Great Frivolity

            C) Fat Tuesday

            D) Grand Carnival


Answer- C


2) Who is the King of Carnival?

            A) Zulu

            B) Rex

            C) Boeuf Gras

            D) Comus


Answer- B


3) What is the official food of Mardi Gras?

            A) Seafood Gumbo

            B) King Cake

            C) Muffuletta

            D) Red Beans and Rice


Answer- B


4) What are the official colors of Mardi Gras?

            A) Purple, Green and Gold

            B) Purple, green and orange

            C) Green, Blue and purple

            D) Red, gold and orange


Answer- A


5) What is a Krewe?

            A) A band of musicians

            B) Mardi Gras rowing club

            C) A Carnival organization

            D) Carnival royalty group


Answer- C


6) What are Flambeaus?

            A) Light up necklaces

            B) Mardi Gras confetti

            C) Fuel burning torches

            D) Feather boas


Answer- C


7) Who anoints the Queen of Carnival?

            A) Cornus

            B) Royal Revelers of Discordia

            C) Rex

            D) Hermes


Answer- C


8) What is hidden inside a King Cake

            A) Baby jester

            B) Candy coated lima bean

            C) Gold coin

            D) Plastic baby doll


Answer- D