Oprah Trivia

The guest with the most correct answers wins!! 

1)  Name the 4 TV talk shows and their hosts that Oprah is responsible for launching.

Answer: Dr. Phil, Nate Berkus, Dr Oz, Rachel Ray 

2) What is Oprah's beloved cocker spaniel's name?

Answer: Sadie

3)  Where did Oprah and Gayle go camping in 2010?

Answer: Yosemite

4) What Seattle fried chicken did Oprah put on the map, having it flown to Chigaco when she had cravings?

Answer: Ezell's

5)  Which musical performer has appeared on the Oprah show more often than any other?

Answer: Celine Dion (27 appearances)

6)  As of April 2011, which of these books has not been chosen for the Oprah Book Club?

  • A. The Heart is a Lonely Hunter
  • B. The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo
  • C. We Were the Mulvaneys
  • D. The Pilot's Wife

Answer: B-  The Girl with the Dragon Tatoo

7)  Which actress came out publically as a lesbian on the Oprah Show in 1997?

Answer: Ellen Degeneres

8)  What is Oprah's charity organization named?

Answer:  Oprah's Angel Network

9)  Where is the school that Oprah founded?

Answer:  Johannesburg, South Africa

10)  Who did Oprah interview in 1993 which became the forth most watched TV event and the most watched interview ever, with a viewing audience of 36.5 million?

Answer: Michael Jackson