How Well Do You Know Moroccan Cuisine?

1. Cumin comes from a:


A) Plant root

B) Flowering plant

C) Bark from a tree

D) Seed


Answer: (B) flowering plant


2. A tagine is a:


A) Serving plate

B) Tea service

C) Cooking pot

D) Wood burning oven


Answer: (C) Cooking pot


3.  Bastilla is a:


A) Dessert

B) Rice dish

C) Candy

D) Meat pie


Answer: (D) Meat pie


4.  Saffron comes from a:


A) Crocus plant

B) Rosemary flower

C) Freesia flower

D) Ginger plant


Answer: (A) Crocus plant


5.  Paprika is ground from:


A) Dried tomatoes

B) Dried chilies

C) Dried bell peppers

D) A blend of turmeric, coriander and cumin


Answer: (C) Dried bell peppers


6.  Couscous is:


A) A bend of pearl and Arborio rice

B) Bulgur wheat

C) Millet

D) Moistened semolina granules


Answer: (D) Moistened semolina granules


7.  Cinnamon is:


A) Ground and pressed tree root

B) Tree bark

C) Ground flower stigmas

D) Ground seeds


Answer: (B) Tree bark


8.  Turmeric is from a member of the:


A) Rosemary family

B) Ginger family

C) Thyme family

D) Laurel family


Answer: (B) Ginger family


9. Coriander is also known as:


A) Parsley

B) Baby arugula

C) Cilantro

D) Watercress


Answer: (C) Cilantro


10. Harira is a:


A) Soup

B) Salad

C) Type of Couscous

D) Sandwich


Answer: (A) Soup